Ohai, Monterey

This will, in a few days, become my primary OS. Why? Because I won’t repeat the mistake I made with Big Sur. I waited till September to try it out, then it took me months more to sign off on releasing it to the rest of my company.

This time, I’m aiming for a Day 30 release. Maybe a Day 60 at most.

Not First, Just Best

But as I watched Apple unveil the features during the slick and fast-paced keynote, I couldn’t help feeling a little envious. Apple has refined Android’s features to the point where they practically make Google’s version seem downright inferior. It’s not just Apple’s slick sales pitch—there are numerous iOS 14 features that I’ve used on Android for years. But they somehow still seem fresh and right at home on the iPhone.


How to File Great Bug Reports

With WWDC coming up, this seems timely.

When writing up your problem, describe each step thoroughly — it’s often helpful to pretend that whoever reads it has never seen the app or system you’re writing about before. For example, if you were to write “When I create an event in Calendar, it disappears in a moment,” the screener lacks enough detail to reproduce the issue. Are you creating a Calendar event through the Quick Event button, or are you dragging to add a new event? How long is a moment? Did the event disappear after multitasking, or did you remain in the app?