From Jamf to Chef, Part 2 – The Sea Change (and figuring out a few basics)

What I want,” Darren said, “is for everything, all configuration data, to be text files.”

To get the full effect of that sentence, you have to imagine it being said with a British accent, in a voice so low it often feels like he’s letting you in on a secret, and with pauses at least three seconds long in place of each of the commas.

From Jamf to Chef, Part 1

I’ve spent the last five years honing my skills as a Jamf admin. I started at eBay, working for one of the best bosses I’ve ever had (ohai Alex Dale). Since then, I’ve gotten my CCA and CCE and have had the pleasure of working for a number of companies where I’ve either implemented or improved on the Jamf framework, imaging workflow, and a whole lot more.

I’m currently working at GoPro as the Senior Client Engineer for the Mac fleet and I’m spearheading our conversion from ¬†Jamf to Chef. It is easily the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, not least because it is nothing like Jamf, but because you actually have to undergo a mindset change.