Gymnastics Doesn’t Know What to Do With Simone Biles’s Dominance

The judges in Indianapolis were less impressed with Biles’s history-making move than the rest of the world was. They scored the move a 6.6—similar to scores that Biles received for far less difficult vaults during the competition. Observers of the sport have speculated that the judges scored her Yurchenko double pike lower than its difficulty warranted because they don’t want other gymnasts risking their safety by copying Biles. When reporters asked her in Indianapolis why she would continue to do a move if the judges weren’t going to adequately reward her for it, Biles responded: “Because I can.”

Gymnastics Doesn’t Know What to Do With Simone Biles’s Dominance

Kara Swisher on The Unexpected Joys of the Coronavirus Lockdown – The New York Times

There will — though we can’t see it now — be an end to this crisis. And that is perhaps the most important analog lesson of this terrible moment: There is always an end. The crisis will end. And, eventually, all of our lives will come to pass.
Those of us with great jobs, savings and solid health care coverage have had an easier time during the crisis than those who struggle every day with financial and mental health challenges, and worse.
But we all share in life’s fragility. We’re all being reminded again that life is capricious, for every one of us, and that it can change and be done whenever it chooses and without warning.
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I love it when Kara Swisher turns introspective and evocative.

Don’t Trust That Twitter Bot

Nearly Half of Twitter Accounts Pushing To Reopen America May Be Bots

Well that makes sense. These bots are all about convincing us Americans to do stuff that will damage ourselves and our nation.

Trust the experts. Trust the doctors and nurses and epidemiologists. Do NOT trust that guy on Twitter with the username @eijjeei73795.

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Set at CBS All Access – Variety

CBS All Access is bringing back some fan-favorite characters for a another brand new “Star Trek” series.

The streamer has given a series order to “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” starring Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock. The series will follow Pike, Spock, and Number One in the decade before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.

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This is such good news. I’ve been so sorely disappointed with the way Star Wars worked out and have really happy with the way Star Trek:Discovery and Star Trek:Picard have developed, so this is really good news. Anson Mount was awesome as Captain Pike and I am ridiculously happy to see him return to the role.

The 5-year deal that EP Alex Kurtzman signed with CBS to expand the Star Trek universe is also pretty heartening.

It was announced in 2018 that Kurtzman had signed a five-year deal with CBS TV Studios to supervise the expansion of the “Star Trek” television universe. Last year, CBS announced it was launching a “Star Trek” global franchise group to manage new projects like podcasts, new digital spaces, and live experiential events.

Flying in America

Flying has always been unpleasant, and rife with small indignities. It’s likely that I was more alert than usual to the agitation of those around me. But as America lurches awkwardly toward an economic “reopening” in the weeks ahead, my fraught travel experience highlighted an unwelcome truth: The glittering allure of “normalcy” that waits on the other end of these stay-at-home orders is a mirage.

McKay Coppins

From the Atlantic: I Just Flew. It Was Worse Than I Thought It Would Be.

I used to love flying. When I was a kid, it was an amazing experience. Even in shitty Indian Airlines flights that couldn’t properly maintain cabin pressure so you always got an earache during takeoffs and landings.

Came across this meme from Bored Panda a while back.


So that happened.

I keep waiting for someone in the airline business to come up with something that will kick the ass of every airline out there, but so far, I’ve seen diddly. I feel like Jet Blue and Virgin America tried, but ultimately became just another airline.

The only way to have a reasonably comfortable flight for me these days is to fly business class. Which I can’t do every time because money. But on those rare occasions when I can score a business-class upgrade for pennies on the dollar?

Well Susan, the future ain’t what you thought it might be, but it could be worse.