One More for the iPad Pro

Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs on the iPad Pro

Quinn makes some good points, many of which I agree with, some that don’t really affect me. Preaching to the choir where I’m concerned.

Apple Ramps Up Original Podcasts, in Part to Help Promote TV+ – Bloomberg

The technology giant has begun acquiring two types of original podcasts, according to people familiar with the matter: one category is audio spinoffs of existing movies and programs on its Apple TV+ service, and the other is original programs that could eventually be adapted into future TV+ video content.
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Sounds a lot like vertical integration, doesn’t it? Something Apple has been increasingly emphasizing and reminds me of what they’ve already done on iOS (controlling the chipset and OS) and what they’re likely to do next year with macOS (ARM MacBooks). I dig it; it makes a lot of sense to acquire media properties that can be repurposed to feed other aspects of the business.

Tom Hanks’ Greyhound Makes its Way to Apple TV +

WWII naval drama Greyhound that Tom Hankswrote and stars in has abruptly changed course and will berth at Apple. Originally on the Sony Pictures theatrical calendar for Father’s Day weekend, the film instead will become the biggest feature film commitment made by Apple to premiere on Apple TV+. It is the latest in a growing indication that Apple is making its move, and becoming as aggressive as any streamer or studio in auctions for the acquisition of films and TV projects.

Kinda hoping Apple TV+ continues to be this highly curated, quality-over-quantity-focused service, rather than the confusing and flooded offering Netflix is.

Feeling Good About the iPad

Neil Cybart, writing on his site Beyond Avalon a few months ago.

Apple unveiled the iPad on January 27th, 2010. To mark the tenth anniversary of the unveiling, a few publications had articles recapping the iPad’s first decade. Some of the reactions were complicated, to put it gently.
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I’m not one of those people who feels that the iPad was a failure – or that it failed to live up to its potential.

In fact, how anyone can describe a platform that sells 45 million units each year, 20 million of which are to new iPad users, as anything less than a rousing success is somewhat baffling to me.

From what I can tell, there are a few common themes:

  1. The iPad wasn’t/isn’t the revolutionary device that the Mac and the iPhone were.
  2. The iPad hasn’t spawned the app ecosystem it needed to be revolutionary.
  3. The iPad suffers from software that isn’t good enough.

There’s a lot to unpack there and a previous draft of this post racked up 2600+ words which I then realized was me rambling. There’s a more cohesive MacStories-like article somewhere in the depths here, but I feel like I want to address this general sense of disappointment about the iPad with a rebuttal.

Apple Books for Authors

Round Two? Before that judgement against Apple – which I still think was grotesquely unfair – they were making a concerted effort to play in the eBooks space. Maybe they will do so again?

Installer Stub Woes

I’m prepping a custom installer for Nessus since it requires some unlinking/relinking to the cloud-based service. I grabbed the installer off their site. It was a DMG with a .pkg inside it. NBD, right?


The installer is just a 34kb stub. It references an invisible .pkg sitting at the root level of the DMG.

Seriously? Why? It only took me a few minutes to figure out but seriously, why?

And then there’s the actual process of installing this on a computer that had it previously installed. You have to unlink and re-link the binary from the service. Which, again, not much of a pain, but I still have to ask: WHY?

And don’t even get me started on the issue around wrong hostnames.