Month: January 2019

NVIDIA and macOS Mojave

Michael Tsai, rounding up a couple of stories on the lack of NVIDIA drivers for Mojave: No NVIDIA Drivers for Mojave.

From NVIDIA’s site:

Apple fully controls drivers for Mac OS. Unfortunately, NVIDIA currently cannot release a driver unless it is approved by Apple.

I don’t have strong opinions of NVIDIA as a company, but I do like their graphics cards. I build a PC with a GTX960 a few years back to give myself an affordable video editing machine a while back. Apple’s intransigence – if that’s what it is – is somewhat confusing on this issue.

Swisher, Gruber, and Sinofsky on the Apple Earnings Warning

My favorite tech journalist and podcaster, Kara Swisher in the New York Times.

It was the debut of the iPhone in 2007 that spurred what some in tech call a “Cambrian explosion,” a reference to the era when the first complex animals appeared. There would be no Uber and Lyft without the iPhone (and later the Android version), no Tinder, no Spotify.

Now all of tech is seeking the next major platform and area of growth. Will it be virtual and augmented reality, or perhaps self-driving cars? Artificial intelligence, robotics, cryptocurrency or digital health? We are stumbling in the dark.

John Gruber, via Daring Fireball:

I’m sure Cook had to reissue all aspects of their adjusted guidance for legal reasons, but the only one that is off is revenue, and it’s off by a lot: $7 billion from the middle of Apple’s projected range, and $5 billion from the lower bound.

This is bad news, pure and simple, and for Apple, truly extraordinary. The last time Apple issued an earnings warning was in June 2002 — which is so long ago that it predates Daring Fireball by two months.

This part also jumped out at me:

But there’s a limit on the number of people in the world who (a) want an iPhone and (b) can afford one, and the iPhone reached that 3-4 years ago.

Also, this thread by Steven Sinofsky.

This one tweet stood out for me:

Side note: Swisher, Gruber, Sinofsky sounds like a high-end law firm. Or consultancy.