OneNote Updated for iPad Baby Pro – and it’s Awesome

While working on the new iPad Baby Pro a few days ago, I came across this one issue with OneNote that kept it from working as well on the Baby Pro.

So, being the entitled brat I can sometimes be, I took to twitter to, uh, “demand” that Microsoft answer for itself.

I got the rote answer from them.

I guess I didn’t expect much more than that, but then I got a nice surprice. Ryan McMinn, who works on the OneNote team, pinged me.

@sohail @msonenote just read the blog, we will take a look and see what’s going on with the baby iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.— Ryan McMinn (@ryanmcminn) April 2, 2016

We exchanged a few DMs and sure enough, there was a shiny new update for OneNote later in the week. Now, writing in OneNote with Apple Pencil works beautifully.

OneNote has become my go-to notes app, not least because I can now actually write in it. Add to that the fact that sync works across all my platforms (and I can even use the web app in Linux if I need it) and there are clippers for Safari/Firefox and I have an app that’s getting ever closer to Evernote in functionality, but in an interface that’s cleaner than Evernote has become. I find that I don’t miss tags as much as I thought I did and the tabs/pages metaphor in OneNote is pretty effective for me, since it mimic the various notebooks I found myself writing in before I owned an iPad Baby Pro.

Of course, OneNote isn’t without faults. One glaring one is the inability to sort pages alphabetically or by date. So, of course, when I got on Twitter to send my thanks to Ryan McMinn and OneNote for the update for the Baby Pro, my entitled side came out in the formof a compliment-plus-“what have you done for me lately” tweet.

Ryan’s a class act. He immediately tweeted back.

@sohail @msonenote that’s on the list already ;)— Ryan McMinn (@ryanmcminn) April 9, 2016

Well hot damn.

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